Another Success Story:

Donna and Darrell Closing Photo #1

Donna P. & Darrell S. of Mint Hill, NC were looking around for a new home, thinking their only option was a rental. Little did they know, they’d lucked out when they called the number on the yellow sign. They had unwittingly stumbled on a Path to Homeownership home! After discussing other options, they decided it was the perfect fit. The selling point was realizing that when they bought the home their monthly mortgage payment would be over $200 less than the rental rate.

It was only three months after they initially applied for the home as a rental, that they were able to close on their new mortgage and get their lower payment, tax benefits, and the pride of homeownership.

Donna says “I never even considered this might be an option when I saw the sign for rent. I was beginning to think it (home ownership) would never happen. I’m so glad to own my own home, and have a lower mortgage payment too.”

We’re all glad for them too! Home ownership is a thing to be proud of.

Until next time…

The Counselors at Affordable Home Provider

Not on the Path to Homeownership program? Call us at 704-900-0404 or visit us at to get started today!

Disclaimer: We are not a lender. We are not CFPs. We are Certified Affordable Housing Providers, committed to empowering families and individuals through our Path to Homeownership program to enjoy the American dream of homeownership. We are not a credit repair company. We are affiliated with local and national credit repair companies and lenders, who work with us to make the Path to Homeownership program a success so our residents are able to purchase their own homes.


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