How to Save $56,856.11 on Your Home

What would do you with $56,856.11 savings? Buy a car? A bigger house? Start your own business? Invest? Send your kids to college? Have a better retirement?

Now think about how you could save that kind of money. By neatly tucking away $100 every month for forty-seven years and five months? Yes. By doing twice that for twenty-three years and eight months? Yes. Does that sound hard and time consuming? Yes.

So… how about by not paying a dime? Wait, what? Yes. That’s exactly what we said. What if you could save $56,856.11 by not actually paying anything? That sounds like a plan to us, what about you?

So now that we’ve agreed we’d all like an extra $56,856.11, “How do I get it?” you want to know? Easy. By having good credit. Your credit is the report card of your payment history. By having a credit report good enough for 4.5% interest vs. 5.5% interest on a $100,000 30 year FHA loan for your home, you can save approximately $56,856.11 on interest alone. All by simply paying your bills on time and establishing credit! Does that sound like a plan to you? It does to us too! So how do you get started?

1.) Pay bills on time. ALL bills.

2.) Give us a call at 704-900-0404 or email us at to schedule an appointment to complete your application and get started on your Path to Homeownership program today!

3.) Once in a home, we’ll guide you where to go to establish credit. This does not mean to go buy a new car. This means getting a secured credit card, keeping the balance below 30%, and paying it on time every month.

Once these steps are taken, it typically takes six months-one year for your credit to be in a position for you to qualify for a bank loan on your home, with a good interest rate.

So now that you know how, let’s make it happen! 704-900-0404 or for more details.

Until next time…

The Affordable Home Provider Counselors

Disclaimer: We are not a lender. We are not CFPs. We are Certified Affordable Housing Providers, committed to empowering families and individuals through our Path to Homeownership program to enjoy the American dream of homeownership. All numbers above are based on a standard 30 year FHA loan, as quoted to us by others. We are not a credit repair company. We are affiliated with local and national credit repair companies and lenders, who work with us to make the Path to Homeownership program a success so our residents are able to purchase their own homes.


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