Work-for-Equity Success Story

Ashley and Antonio contacted us earlier this year looking for a home that fit their budget and that they could customize to match their style.  Antonio, being a carpenter by trade, had lots of experience in remodeling.  What they didn’t have was a home they could call their own, and could have the freedom to make decisions on and changes to as they saw fit.  They called us looking for something they could buy with the Rent-to-Own Path to Homeownership program, not knowing about something even better… the Work-for-Equity program!

With the Work-for-Equity program, in exchange for remodeling their home as needed, they were able to get in with a lower down payment and a lower monthly payment.  Plus, the work they do on the home adds value, which is equity they are literally building for themselves!  See, their total purchase price was based on before repaired value.  So even once they get bank financing, they have an agreement in place that allows them to get a mortgage on their home at before repair value. Is that a deal or what?! 


Living Room Before


Living Room in Progress


Living Room After

Are you inspired yet?  We are!  Give us a call at 704-900-0404 or send us an email at to get started on your Path to Homeownership program today! You can also visit our website here to view the homes that are available now.

And a big congratulations on your beautiful home to Ashley and Antonio!  We’re so happy to see yet another client being successful in the Path to Homeownership program.

Until next time…

The Counselors at Affordable Home Provider


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