Rent-to-Own Success Story

Today we have another success story to share with you, of two great people who completed the Rent-to-Own Path to Homeownership Program in just ten months and three days.  But this time, we’ll let the new homeowners tell it themselves. Here’s their letter:

August 6, 2014 

 Just over a year ago my wife Ida and I were stuck in what appeared to us as a never ending stream of bad choices and bad luck. The house we had built together had been foreclosed, we were both driving cars that were ready to die at any moment.

 While out driving looking for a place to rent we happened across a cute little house with a good size yard with a sign that read for rent/sale. Thinking that calling this number would be a waste of time due to bad credit we took a chance and called.

  Once we made an appointment to see the house we were told that if we were willing to follow the instructions to the letter for renting the house we could own it in about a year. At this point in our life we figured we didn’t have anything to loose so we jumped in feet first.

 After several months of on time rent payments and working with the credit folks we were starting to see some improvement in our credit.

  In less than a year we had followed every instruction and completed everything that we were asked to do and we were able to get a loan for the house and a loan for a new car. This program really works if you let it. Affordable Homes will give you the tools you need to dig yourselves out of a hole but it is up to you to make it happen. You need to do everything that is asked of you and make sure you stay in contact with the good folks at Affordable Homes through out the process and you can turn your life, credit and future around. I am very thankful to all the people at Affordable Homes for helping us to make our future a little brighter.


Joe and Ida Bowen. (Home owners)!

Not on the Path to Homeownership program?  Watch our Path to Home Ownership Program Video, and visit our website to see a list of homes available that you can start your Path to Homeownership Program in now!  You can also reach our friendly counselors at 704-900-0404 to answer questions, and get started.

Until next time…

The Counselors at Affordable Home Provider


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